Dream Life Montage Manifestation

In late 2012, I created a montage of images that encapsulated my dream life. It hangs in my composing studio and in my bedroom so I see it daily. I told friends and family that I’d give myself five years to make it happen… in whatever loose way an abstract goal like this could happen. I’m used to writing lists… This time? … no lists. This time … just images.

As I finish my week out, the week that included performing my music as a singer-songwriter in the BBC Production ‘Breaking Pointe’ for the CW, and two full days recording my first solo album in the studio and shooting video for it, and swimming 3 miles last week and practicing my butterfly stroke… I’m visualizing and romanticizing the fact I am DOING and have actually DONE these things!

And then it hit me. My montage is working. HOLY MOLY! — that was fast.

However you envision your dreams, be it through lists, images, songs, journaling or any of the many ways one can do such a thing… Keep on dreaming and setting goals. Let’s do this for ourselves, why don’t we?

Let’s create the change we wish to see in the world by creating change in ourselves first.


Darby's Dream Life Montage, Lifestyle Project

Darby’s Dream Life Montage, Lifestyle Project


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