Content curation and my lifestyle project

I’ve been having a harder time than past years getting focused on goals and things. It’s usually so easy. I don’t feel blocked… just a little jumbled…

As an independent musician who makes her bread and butter by recording VoiceOver for Fortune 500 companies, I have, at the same time, been formulating a ‘Lifestyle Brand’ that incorporates the multiple things I do.

After months of deliberation and baby steps, I decided to look at it as designing MY dream life and lifestyle. This way it’ll be easy to curate and produce content that will hopefully be something my fans will resonate with – because it’ll be things I love and am most passionate about.

MOST importantly it will help me spread my message of Renewal & Recovery to all I encounter.

I hope I can leave this world having made at least a small positive impact on society. That is what I strive to do anyway.

I am a very visual and intuitive person so I’ve learned that if I create a visual to help me sort things out, it usually helps Here is my lifestyle project grid that I will be using this year for focus and direction.

May you find focus, direction, renewal and recovery in your life this year as well 🙂



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