The Order of Elements in a Music Career

‘Darby pin, branded merchandise’

I have been wishing lately that there could be a way I could march forward with my music endeavors in a simple, clean way. What I mean is I wish I had a list of things to do in succession that guaranteed success … like 1) write a song 2) record the song 3) book show 4) sell merch 5) sell song 6) publish song in a film 7) make money 8) repeat.

The reality is that all the things in a music career overlap … all the time … every day. Just like the other elements of my lifestyle project. So, I continually adopt a more fluid approach … all the time … every day. I do the most pressing things first (like submit applications for Summer 2013 live shows that are due in two days) and do a handful of other things, every day. For example, last night I was tentatively booked as a performer for a CW show as a songwriter! But.. that is not today … Must. Keep. Focus.

All the overlapping pieces that are swirling around my head today:

  • I have sketches drawn for all 14 songs from my upcoming album and am processing all to make merchandise.
  • I have video footage shot for a video that needs to be edited
  • I have songs I want to sing live for YouTube vlog
  • I have studio time booked to make ‘Aquatica Acoustica’ (acoustic version of my New Age album)
  • I have been practicing 2-3 hours a day on guitar and rewriting songs to prep for the studio
  • I have photogs, musicians, engineers, producers all scheduled to be in the studio – on live feed
  • I have a list of fruits/veggies for smoothies for the team in the studio
  • I have a concept of how I want to record the final ‘Aquatica’ album, in my Enya-like, Nordic, New Age, way and keep it in my mind as I prep for the acoustic version
  • I continue to do voiceover work and follow up on other jobs to bring home the bacon
  • Oh and all the other elements of my lifestyle project of course (spa, natural beauty, fitness, hot springs, recipes, scifi stories, art, family, modern design)

Well, today … I JUST received promo materials I ordered last week! … on a day like today … when I was overwhelmed with my lists and ideas.

Finishing one small thing always feels so good – and I check it off my list!

I can touch it and feel it and it makes my dream tangible. I will focus on this today … as I go off to practice my guitar and then train at the gym for my summer triathlons … because the voice, spirit, mind and heart are all just a part of the whole … and whole-body health is how I like to roll.

‘Darby postcard for upcoming album press’


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