In and Out of the Limelight

Yesterday I was fortunate to perform one of my new original songs at an open mic as a part of the BBC’s production of ‘Breaking Pointe’, featuring Ballet West, which airs on the CW. After four years of living and breathing film in Los Angeles, it was nice to be back on a set again. It was even nicer that all my hard work of songwriting and practicing my guitar over the past three years were put to use.

I always hesitate to over-post and over-share the goings on of my music and entertainment career… trying to find the balance between healthy self-promotion and narcissistic over-exposure. Yes, I take pictures of food I cook … because I cooked it and it’s one of my oldest and best talents. Yes, I take pictures of boats and the sea and sky and my triathlon training, because they are such a huge part of my soul. And yes, I take pictures of myself all dressed up and avoid posting any ugly shots. But I second guess every post, every … single … time. I’m even second guessing writing about it here, but I promised myself I’d follow through with music guru Ariel Hyatt’s recommendation and post more often.

So … I try to keep it all in the context of my artistic vision (creating music and designs for renewal and recovery) and remember what my beloved acting coach Sam Christensen used to teach us. He would talk about the difference between those celebrities that would promote themselves just to be in the public eye and those that would do their work, show up, and promote when it was appropriate. These award winning and highly sought after performers might have flurries of press when they’d do multiple projects in close succession. But then they would disappear for months and even years … BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO PROMOTE! And that’s okay. Step into the limelight … step out of the limelight … live a life outside of publicity and promotion. Balance.

And as I’m posting this with pics from the shoot yesterday, and as I prepare for two days in the recording studio this week where we will be shooting more video and even streaming our sessions online, I know this flurry of work is promotable now, but it will eventually all be in the can. It will take months to prepare for release, during which time I will step back out of the limelight and do the work and prepare for the next flurry.

Hopefully the timing will be such that the ‘Breaking Pointe’ episode we shot yesterday (that will be released months from now) won’t leave my footage on the cutting room floor, and I’ll be able to cross promote it with my new music and even step into the spotlight for a little while.

Paper Heart @ Botanica, BBC 'Breaking Pointe' for the CW

Paper Heart @ Botanica, BBC ‘Breaking Pointe’ for the CW


Set and crew @ Botanica, shooting BBC ‘Breaking Pointe’ for the CW

Open mic stage @ Botanica, shooting BBC 'Breaking Pointe' for the CW

Open mic stage @ Botanica, shooting BBC ‘Breaking Pointe’ for the CW


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