Planning a lifestyle project

Already February, I have made movement in the music section of my lifestyle project by booking two full days of studio time (+ professional musicians) to record my first, full solo album. I have mixed emotions about this as my intention is to produce an album of New Age music that is very produced in sound, but I want to build my library of songs for film/TV publishing… And start performing live with a CD to sell… So I am going to record it sparsely this first time around, adding the word ‘Acoustica’ to the title… The CD will more closely match the current sound of my live show and will leave way for me to slowly produce the new age version later this year.

It is a step forward, with compromise, toward my dream of creating music and designs for renewal and recovery.

I am including a picture of the heads atop the piano on which I composed most of my songs for ‘Aquatica Acoustica’ … It’s interesting now to see how there are two of them… Just as there will be two versions of the ‘Aquatica’ album.



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