Darby chosen as the voice of AT&T Wireless #121 service

AT&T Wireless Launches Personalized One-To-One Information Services

REDMOND, WA – Beginning today, more than 15 million AT&T Wireless customers can have conversations with the Internet. AT&T Wireless introduces AT&T Wireless #121 service powered by Tellme, providing customers personalized one-to-one information on demand, simply by talking into their phone.

AT&T Wireless #121 service allows customers to use their voice to access a variety of useful and innovative Internet-based information services like driving directions, movie listings, stock quotes, news updates, weather, or even scheduling a morning wake up call while within the AT&T Wireless network. For no additional charge beyond standard usage fees, AT&T Wireless #121 Service gives all AT&T Wireless customers the ability to hear the information they want, when and where they need it. Customers simply dial #121 from any AT&T Wireless phone and browse through the voice menu just as they would a typical Internet menu. There is nothing for customers to set up or activate.

Customers now have a simple and intuitive way to access information on the go thatís as easy as talking to their phones, said Don Boerema, senior vice president of AT&T Wireless. People are used to asking for what they want, and weíre letting them do just that.

Combining the benefits of the Internet with advancements in voice recognition, AT&T Wirelessí new voice service allows customers simply to speak out to gather specific information. They can then customize and personalize it to meet their individual needs — from receiving traffic updates and weather reports to hearing updates about their personal stock portfolio.

View source here: http://www.att.com/news/item/0,1847,3864,00.html


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