Fandango Launches New 1-800-FANDANGO Voice Recognition Service and New Homepage

HOLLYWOOD (May 12, 2003) Just in time for the summer blockbuster season, the nationís largest remote movie ticketing company, Fandango (, is making moviegoing even more convenient with a new easy-to-remember toll free phone number, 1-800-FANDANGO, and a refreshed homepage. These enhancements, teamed with Fandangoís recently announced exclusive agreement with United Artists Theatres (UAT), mean consumers will have one phone number and web site to access 70 percent of the nationís theaters wired for advance ticketing. Fandango officially begins selling advance remote tickets for UATís nearly 200 theaters beginning May 19.

UAT will join Fandangoís current exhibitor partner list, Carmike Theatres, Century Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Loews Cineplex Entertainment, and Regal Cinemas, bringing Fandangoís total wired screen count to nearly 10,000 and total wired theater count to more than 850. This includes Fandangoís ticketing agreements with recently contracted exhibitors, Brenden Theatres, Eastern Federal Theatres, Landmark Theatres, RC Theatres and Wallace Theaters.

The new 1-800-FANDANGO is an enhanced voice recognition service with streamlined call flow and user interface, which enables moviegoers nationwide to dial one number for movie tickets at any theater wired for Fandangoís services. Continuing to be advertiser-free, the system gives callers direct access to tickets, movies or theater listings and the convenience of being able to interrupt and speed up access to desired information.

When visiting Fandango online, moviegoers will find an enhanced homepage featuring new graphics and streamlined content organized to provide all the information needed to plan a trip to the movies. Clean, colorful and easy-to-navigate, the customizable homepage includes a “My Favorites” section which lists each user’s top five preferred theaters, and a “Browse” box to search movies by title, genre or release date. Fandango details featured releases, top box office films, and other current and upcoming movies, and offers a one-click “Buy” button next to all movie titles to expedite the ticketing process.

To help announce the changes, Fandango is launching the ìFandango Nationî campaign, including the first of three new in-theater trailers debuting this month. Continuing Fandangoís tradition of creating unique, memorable trailers that play as short films, the 30-second spots feature interviews with actual moviegoers that were brought to life as puppeted characters. The puppets ìstarî as Fandango customers talking about their love for the movies and buying tickets in advance using Fandango. The award-winning creative team from Los Angeles-based Amoeba, Len Fink, Jonathon Ker and director Breck Eisner, produced the spots.

ìWe spent the first three years developing the foundation of the companyís service and brand, and the combination of all these new elements — the new phone number and system, the re-designed homepage, and our new ëFandango Nationí campaign — represent the next generation of Fandango,î said Art Levitt, president and CEO of Fandango, Inc. ìNo matter where you find us — on the web, the phone or in theaters — weíve integrated this ënew face of Fandangoí to provide moviegoers with the ultimate remote movie ticketing service through one central source.î

In addition to facilitating entertainment planning by offering advance tickets to the seasonís hottest films, Fandango provides a one-stop shop for movie-related gifts and merchandise. Fandango Bucks online entertainment currency makes it fast and easy to buy and e-mail ìThe Gift of Movies.î For those planning a group outing, Fandango offers Fandango a Friend, an e-mail invitation tool. Site visitors can also access the Fandango Movie Mall, where movie-related products are only a click away. To continue the momentum of enabling the moviegoing audience, Fandango also has plans to implement reserved seating and pre-paid concessions this year.

About Fandango

Fandango, the market leader in remote movie ticketing, lets moviegoers select a film, plan where and when to see it, and buy tickets in advance on and 1-800-FANDANGO. Fandangoís partners include seven major North American exhibitors: Carmike Theatres, Century Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Edwards Theatres, Loews-Cineplex Entertainment, Regal Cinemas, and United Artists Theatres. The company also provides advance remote movie ticketing services for Brenden Theatres, Eastern Federal Theatres, Landmark Theatres, RC Theatres and Wallace Theaters. Fandango offers tickets for approximately 10,000 screens at more than 850 theaters, including Print-at-Home ticketing in 40 markets, and provides show times, movie reviews and trailers. Fandango also offers Fandango Bucks electronic currency, merchandise through the Fandango Movie Mall, and Fandango a Friend, a convenient way to organize group outings to the movies. Fandango investors include Accretive Technology Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures.


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